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How Twitter Can Make you a Gig-Guru

by vipseats March 29, 2012 20:57


By Ethan Brooks
Taken from Ticket News Tues 3/27/12

Twitter is a growing news source for people who are on the go. Customizable, portable, and to the point, users can stay up-to-date by "following" their favorite friends, celebrities, and companies, whose updates — limited to 140 characters — are delivered directly to a user's phone. Keeping up with friends is important, but Twitter can be leveraged as a work-horse too. In this case, to make sure you never miss a concert again. Whether you are a long-time concert lover, or are just getting into the music scene, use these tips to make sure you don't miss out on your favorite bands coming to town.

With more than a hundred-million users it's difficult to decide whom to follow. Too few people, and you risk missing important information, too many, and you can't possibly see it all. The key lies in finding the fewest, most important accounts, and becoming a loyal reader.

Follow Your Favorite Venues

Start with the basics: your local venues. Forget the places you swore you'd never go to again, and anywhere you wouldn't drive to on a half-hour's notice. Worried about missing your favorite artist's performance that's happening in the next state over? We'll get to that later. For now, choose just a few accounts, so that you can hear who is coming to town, receive reminders of when tickets go on sale, and get notified of cancellations and/or date changes.

Follow Your Favorite Radio Stations

Follow the station, not the individual shows. Station accounts will announce opportunities across the board, tweeting ticket sales, contests, and events that all of their radio personalities are hosting. On the other hand, individual show accounts usually only focus on fan interaction, and will clutter your newsfeed with anecdotes about that day's segments.

Follow Your Favorite Bands

Don't follow every artist on your iPod, just the ones you'd drive 3+ hours to see. For these, you qualify as a die-hard fan, so you'll appreciate the bonus info, like back-stage pictures, stories from the road, and television appearance announcements. Of course, your favorite artists' feeds also keep you posted on new tour dates and locations, so you'll know just when to fuel up the fan-van.


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